Hi there!  I’m Soraya, the owner and principal photographer of Soraya Anderson Photography. 

Based in Boston, I discovered a passion for documenting life four years ago.  I started building my portfolio photographing my family and gradually expanded to bridal showers and milestone events for friends.  My current passion is helping mothers document those precious years with their children.


My shooting style is a cross between documentary and lifestyle.  What does that mean?  Well, it means I absolutely love capturing unplanned and authentic interactions in an artistic way. 


5 Fast Facts About Me!

  1. Children:  9-year old boy...Elijah Myles (he hates when I use his middle name!)
  2. Favorite TV Show:  Law & Order reruns
  3. Favorite Ice Cream:  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (extra choc jimmies, please!)
  4. One Thing I Can't Live Without: Music
  5. Weird Pet Peeve: Misophonia (the sound of people chewing.)  


Take a peek at my portfolio.  Contact me if you’d like to work together to make memories!